Wii 的詳細規格


CPU (Broadway)

Operating speed of 729 MHz
Bus to main memory: 243 MHz, 64 bits
(maximum bandwidth: 1.9 gigabytes/sec)
32KB L1 data cache
Onboard 256KB L2 integrated cache

GPU (Hollywood )

Operating speed of 243 MHz
3 megabytes of embedded graphics memory
24 megabytes of internal main memory
Internal main memory operates at 486 MHz
Maximum bandwidth between GPU and main memory: 3.9 gigabytes per second
The GPU of the Wii is identical to the GC's but it is on average 1.5X faster

Other details

64megabytes of GDDR3 external main memory
Internal non-removable 512MB flash memory used as storage for game save data and downloadable content
The following interfaces are included with the Wii:
SD card slot
Wireless controller
USB 2.0 ports x2
wireless LAN
GC controller ports x4
GC memory card slots x2
AV multi output jack (analogue only)

Two main disc types supported the single sided 12cm single sided 4.7GB(D5) and the double sided 8.51 GB(D9).
Nintendo GC discs also supported.
The maximum read speed is the equivalent of a 6x DVD



w PS3

就這樣子來看 Wii的確比PS3貴上很多(!?




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